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An iPhone without a headphone jack? Apple is possible


Advantages of the Lightning connector

Lightning, destined to disappear

The Lightning connector is relatively young, but despite Apple’s obsession to the contrary, it will be a connector that will have to disappear sooner or later. In the European Union they have already set a specific date for all mobile devices to use the same connector, and it seems that it will be the USB-C that wins the game. Change occurs sooner or later, in the end the Lightning will disappear from iPhones and iPads and this means that headphones with this connection will be deprecated.

Yes, I know that many of you will think that there will always be the option of carry a small adapter that allows us to use conventional headphones with the Lightning or those who have Lightning connection with the new connector when it arrives, but this will mean having to spend money on a small piece that we must carry over when we want to listen to music in the street.

Bluetooth headphones, the alternative that not everyone wants

As with most iPhone and iPad speakers, which abandoned the physical connectors to switch to wireless technology (Bluetooth or Air Play), the headphones seem to follow the same path. The best way to make sure your headphones will work for any device seems to be to buy them with Bluetooth connectivity. But this option has a price: the sound quality.

It is true that there are already headphones that take advantage of the latest Bluetooth technology to achieve optimum sound quality, but they are still below what can be achieved with headphones connected by cable. The most demanding still see the wireless headphones with bad eyes, and also these are accessories with very high prices when we want them to have an optimal quality.

There are already precedents in Apple

The first thing that comes to mind when reading these rumors is that it is a news of filling in a week with little movement, but the reality is that there are already precedents that indicate that this is perfectly possible. Apple has already left the CD / DVD drives when it seemed reckless to do so, and more recently launched a laptop with a single USB Type-C connection. In Cupertino they have their road map and seem to care little what others think. If you have now considered that the headphone jack connector is expendable, that the headphones manufacturers are preparing the new connectors because there is going to be no one who makes them turn back.

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