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all you need to know about this fateful mistake

Error 53

What is Error 53?

Error 53 is a code that appears in iTunes when trying to restore or update an iPhone, and which, in theory, cannot be fixed. The error will appear when the device identifies a Touch ID that could have been manipulated and leave the device as a beautiful and expensive paperweight.

What devices are affected?

Those who are most seeing this problem are the owners of a iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus could also be affected, but the design of its Touch ID is different. In addition, having gone on sale in September 2015, the latest iPhone models are only 6 months in the market, so many of the users who have problems with the Touch ID will make use of the warranty. IPads with Touch ID may also be affected.

The iPhone 5s, despite having Touch ID, seems to not have this problem.

Why does Error 53 appear?

This is where the controversy begins. Apple says Error 53 appears to protect our data and privacy. With this in mind, if a device finds something that does not match between the new hardware and the one included by default, this device will decide unilaterally to lock. In this way, by not being able to access it, you will be protecting all our data and privacy.

Does Error 53 only appear due to irregularities with the Touch ID?

Do not. It may appear by other hardware. There have been cases in which Error 53 has appeared when repairing a screen in an unauthorized establishment. An expert mechanic who wanted to remain anonymous says that what Apple says is only related to the Touch ID is “crap.”

What is happening?

No one seems to be sure. Most likely, Apple does know what really happens with Error 53, but there are different theories among users:

  1. Apple wants that we repair the devices in their establishments. This is the theory that most affected users maintain. The apple company would never admit this, since it would be a monopolistic practice and would be sued, something that, in fact, has already happened. In this way, Apple would fill the pockets with repairs. The problem with this theory is that they are not repairing the devices with Error 53 that users take. If it was really done to earn more money, wouldn’t it be better to block the devices that are repaired in an unofficial establishment and then repair them? If we want to misunderstand, blocking them would also force the affected customer to buy a new iPhone, but I think that a user who sees Error 53 on their iPhone does not consider buying another iPhone, if they do not kick it and buy any other phone and the competition
  2. It’s a mistake. Error 53 is, regardless of redundancy, an error, a failure, something that should not appear, or at least not. It is a security measure that is going wrong, that has gotten out of hand.

How many devices have been affected so far?

Is impossible to know the exact figure, but the iFixit support page on the subject, which was published on September 19, 2014, has already received more than 200,000 visits. This does not mean, much less, that all who have visited your page do so because they have been affected, but at least it reflects the concern of users.

How can I avoid Error 53?

This is already mentioned in his day: the best, whenever possible, is repair devices is an official establishment. But there are two problems:

  • The price. Apple can repair your devices perfectly (or offer a new solution), but with a much higher price.
  • Not all countries have access to an official establishment or authorized. For countries without support, how do they fix it? Apple invites us to contact them, so, in case of any problem, you should go to the country’s website and contact Apple in any way possible, either with a call, with a chat or by e- mail.

Does Error 53 have a solution?

Surely, but it is not the simplest. What you can try is to reassemble the original Touch ID and any other piece that would have been changed.

Should Apple act differently?

YES. WITHOUT A DOUBT. I understand that the company that runs Tim Cook cares about our privacy. That is accepted. It is one of the points by which some of us buy their devices. But you have to put some points on the ies:

  • Why (fucking …) do not clearly warn in any way? Apple should have published something BEFORE all this happened. If the problem began to appear in September 2014, before starting to sell the iPhone 6 should have notified that changing parts of the terminal could cause a “dangerous” error, by calling it somehow.
  • Why don’t they fix the terminals that take them with the error? We return to privacy: I understand that they want to protect our data, but what if I go, I ask for it, I sign a kind of responsibility document and they unlock it? In the event that there was a kind of scandal over data theft, Apple could take out that document and prove that it is the customer’s fault.

Which leads me to think that Error 53 is “something” that has gotten out of Cupertino’s company. They should do something and they should do it now. Of course, maintaining the level of security. What do you think?

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