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Xtorm Angle, a base to load and see what happens on your mobile

Xtorm Angle, a base to load and see what happens on your mobile

Wireless charging has become a very popular system despite its limitations. It is true that it loads more slowly than the conventional load, but It offers you extreme comfort when you can recharge your mobile phone without needing to search for cables or connectors, not to mention that it is compatible between platforms, without the need for cables with different connectors.

However, one of the problems it has is that conventional chargers are usually horizontal, which means that it is difficult to see what happens on the screen of your iPhone while charging. Xtorm offers us a different base, with vertical orientation, that allows you to leave your iPhone on your desktop, recharge it and see what happens on it. We analyze the Xtorm Angle base for any device compatible with the Qi load.

Design and quality materials

The base is made of high quality aluminum, none of the cheap plastic from most charging bases. The black adonizado gives an imposing appearance that makes it fit on any desk or bedside table. Its design in "X" (we do not know if a nod to the brand, Xtorm) is very suitable to make it very stable and that there is not the slightest risk when placing your iPhone or any other compatible smartphone on it.

Two strategically placed pads will make your iPhone not suffer any scratch when placed on the metal base. You can also place your iPhone both vertically and horizontally, so you can even watch a video while charging. There are no lights, there are no striking elements or anything similar. If you are one of those who like the "fair booth" type bases, of course this base is not what they are looking for. However, if you want something discreet, this is just what you need. As usual in these accessories, the base includes in the box the microUSB cable for recharging but not the charger.

Fast charging up to 10W

The Xtorm Angle base has up to 10W of power, so It supports fast charging for any smartphone. In the case of the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X, at the moment the only ones compatible with this charge if we talk about the Apple smartphone, they will only take advantage of up to 7.5W, but who knows if next year's model already supports the 10W it offers this base. You should not worry about overloading or any other problem because the base regulates the energy output depending on the device placed in it.

Another important thing when choosing a base is overheating. It is one of the aggressions that damages the battery the most, and something that other cheap bases do not take care of. Being built in aluminum this base controls the temperature well and dissipates heat quickly, preventing your iPhone from being damaged. When you pick it up from the base it will be hot, that's inevitable, but it's something completely normal.

Editor's Opinion

The Xtorm Angle base offers you all the advantages of fast wireless charging with a design and first class materials, in addition to the versatility of being able to place the iPhone horizontally and vertically, to enjoy your videos while loading or to see the notifications that arrive without having to remove the iPhone from the base. Made of aluminum and with a very discreet design, it is ideal to place anywhere at home or work. Available on the Xtorm website for € 39, at the moment Amazon is more expensive and without Prime for € 60 (link)

Xtorm Angle

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€ 39

  • Xtorm Angle
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  • Design and quality materials
  • Fast charge
  • Stable and discreet
  • iPhone in vertical and pity

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