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We teach you to use Siri writing instead of using the voice

Aprende a Escribir a Siri

Learn to Write to Siri

Siri, the virtual assistant of Apple, has been with us since iOS 5. Throughout all these great updates we have seen the evolution of a system that began to be very precarious but that as time progressed it has managed to strain between some of the best virtual assistants available to date. Although it has much to improve with respect to other assistants such as Google Assistant, the tasks you can carry out are really good. In this article we are going to teach you how to invoke Siri and talk to her using the keyboard instead of using our voice, an additional way to make use of the iOS virtual assistant.

You can write to Siri

Use the keyboard to chat with Siri discreetly

For those who are a little lost in the subject, Siri is the virtual assistant of iOS that allows us to perform simple tasks such as calling by phone without having to search for the contact's phone or send WhatsApps without opening the application, among many other actions that can perform. Although many think there is a way to talk to her, they are wrong. iOS 11 allows us write as if it were a conversation with Siri, so that we can solve our doubts and perform certain tasks without having to talk.

The operation of this tool is simple: we will invoke the assistant using the Home button or by Hey Siri (if we have it activated) and instead of speaking, we can use the keyboard so that the assistant solves us or fulfills a certain task. In order to activate this option it is necessary to activate it through a few simple steps that we tell you below:

  • Access the settings of your device, and look for the tab general
  • Then swipe through the menu until you find the tab Accessibility
  • Find now the section in which you put Siri
  • Once inside the menu find the option Write to Siri

We must clarify that when we invoke the assistant he will not make any noise except when we place our order. Siri's answer will always be heard with his voice, so if we want it not to be heard or heard lower than normal we will have to lower the multimedia volume of our device. Did you know this iOS utility?

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