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Tim Cook, that CEO for which "nobody gave a hard"

A former engineer accuses Apple of having become bored with Tim Cook

This with Jobs did not happen

Being fair, objective data

Social commitment and ecology

Apple is currently one of the companies with the least environmental impact, and it’s not bad, considering that it is a consumer electronics company. While others like Twitter and Amazon suspend the Greenpeace exam, The Cupertino company ranks as the leader in clean energy use, reducing its environmental impact to practically zero. In addition, it leads several reforestation initiatives in China, a country where pollution and pollution is reaching levels never seen before.

Tim Cook is not afraid of the media, the CEO of the most valuable company on the planet has not hidden his homosexuality or his support for the LGTB collective. In fact, on the day of “gay pride” this year, Apple launched commemorative straps for the Apple Watch, as well as a series of projects and foundations that have had the support, devices and money of the company that they are leading Tim Cook Maybe … this with Jobs didn’t happen either.

Tim Cook, Steve Jobs Ward