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This new battery will have prevented the explosions of the Galaxy Note 7

This new battery will have prevented the explosions of the Galaxy Note 7

New battery supports all types of abuse

If you asked me about just one thing that should be improved on smart devices, I think my answer would be the battery. On the one hand, its autonomy leaves much to be desired if we do not manage it. On the other, any drums included in any device is dangerous if it is not treated well, and this has been demonstrated on many occasions, such as when a cyclist fell with an iPhone in his pocket or when Samsung came up with the footsteps of the Galaxy's battery Note 7

What is certain is that it is understandable that no company, not even Apple, dares to take the step to include new battery technology in any type of device, since it is not worth taking a risk and putting a whole firecracker in your pocket of customers But there are technologies that seem very interesting, such as a battery created by Mike Zimmerman that will not explode as mentioned Note 7 or the cyclist's iPhone no matter how much we mistreat them. In fact, we can cut this new battery with scissors and it will not suffer any damage beyond its logical descent of autonomy.

New battery withstands blows, punctures and even cuts

In the previous video they show us several things: the first thing that has seemed interesting to me is what can happen when we mistreat one of the batteries we use in any device today: at best, we will only see black smoke, but the most common is to see how the battery is engulfed in flames or even explodes. After showing these examples, the video guest cut one of Zimmerman's batteries with scissors And nothing happens absolutely.

Zimmerman is the CEO of Ionic Materials and has created these new batteries replacing the liquid electrolyte and the separator with a special polymer plastic It creates a completely solid battery. While the liquid electrolyte is flammable, Zimmerman's plastic electrolyte delays the appearance of the flames.

Another interesting point of the batteries that Zimmerman has developed is that its manufacturing cost could be lower of the current batteries thanks to the fact that the plastic electrolyte used is manufactured with the same process as the garbage bags or the use of other large volume plastics. But the most important thing is that this new application of plastic could double the energy density of a battery, which would result in batteries of greater autonomy in the same space.

The main problem that Zimmerman encounters is reliability. It seems clear that internal testing is a success, but what would happen if the manufacturing volume were much more important? To avoid unpleasant surprises, Zimmerman would you need a battery manufacturer partner that could take over all the necessary tests and manufacture them in industrial quantities. For this reason, it does not seem likely that this invention will be included in a short-term electronic device.

In any case, the Galaxy Note 7 has shown that something must be done to improve battery safety, not to mention that we would all like to enjoy greater autonomy. Who and when will the step that allows us to have better batteries in our mobile devices?

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