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These are their prices, storage and release date


Prices and storage

As expected, Apple has uploaded the storage of these iPhones, banishing the 16GB from the base model forever. Yes forever. This is like a dream. There are the prices for the new devices.

iPhone 7

The prices of these new iPhones are maintained with those of the last generation, at least in the United States. We will wait for the event to end to confirm it with official data in euros. The 7 starts at 649 euros and will be in a capacity of 32, 128 (for 879 euros) and 256GB (989 euros).

iPhone 7 Plus

Like the little brother, he keeps prices, starting at 909 euros. The capacities are also doubled in this device, being 32, 128 (for 1,019 euros) and 256GB (for 1,129 euros).