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The US army exchanges Android for the iPhone 6s for its poor performance

What happens to the battery in the iPhone 6s?

The latest news that comes to us from institutions related to the United States authorities, reports that the Special Operations Commands of the American Army, will stop using a variant of the Samsung Galaxy Note (we don’t know the exact model) to start using the iPhone 6s, a device specially prepared for this tactical equipment.

According to the DodBuzz publication, which has leaked the news, this change has yet to be confirmed by the army. Apparently the main reason for this change is caused because the device they currently use hangs too many times. Another reason is that it is a much more modern model than the one they are currently using, so maybe we could be talking about the first or second version of the Galaxy Note.

Another source of the DodBuzz publication, says the change for the iPhone 6s, could also be due to the incredible graphics and operating capabilities of the device, something currently not available in the Note veterans they use. This is not the first time that the United States Army has managed to introduce its devices into the hands of soldiers. In 2010, Apple began delivering iPod touch to soldiers deployed in Iran and Afghanistan, devices that carried several translators of specific languages ​​from Arabic, Iraqi, Kurdish, Dari and Pashto.

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