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The Spanish iPhone case allows you to take pictures of ingnito


And it may be that we are spies with few resources, or we want to play it, or we simply like to take pictures of people without them noticing so that they leave in the most spontaneous way possible. Be that as it may, if what we want is that you don’t notice so much that we are taking a picture, this case may be a good companion.

The lens of the VOC (which shows which periscope on the top of the case) it will allow us to take the photographs without having to change the position in which we hold our iPhone, becoming the kings of dissimulation. In this way, it is easier for us to go unnoticed if we want to photograph someone. Of course, make sure that someone is not looking at you, because it will be enough to take a look at your case to realize that there is something in it really suspicious. You can buy it on Amazon for both your iPhone 6 / 6s and iPhone SE / 5s.

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