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The role of Jimmy Iovine in Apple become less relevant

The role of Jimmy Iovine in Apple become less relevant

When Apple bought Beats Electronics and all the companies associated with the brand in 2014, the Cupertino-based company not only bought one more company, but also acquired Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre, two of the most influential people on the music scene in recent years, especially Jimmy Iovine.

Iovine, became part of Apple's staff as head of the future Apple streaming music service, which allowed him in just one year, open your own streaming music service, A year later, I bought Beats Music. It is very likely that without Iovine, Apple would have taken much longer to launch Apple Music.

A few months ago we did not echo a story in which it was stated that Iovine could leave the company this August, a story that the interested party was responsible for refusing, but without clarifying whether his position in the company would be affected in any moment. According to The Wall Street Journal, Iovine will not leave the company in August, as confirmed by the interested party, but that Your role will become less relevant within the company.

This movement confirms that Iovine, He has already done all the work he had to do since he became part of Apple's staff and from August, it will cease to be one of the top leaders of Apple Music, a position that will have to find a new substitute or will fall to Eddy Cue, direct head of Jimmy Iovine so far, since the work that had to be done until Apple's streaming music platform has become a success, it has already been done, and quite successfully, since it has 38 million subscribers today.

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