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The Pokmon Go guide, tips and tricks to get everyone


How to quickly improve our Pokémon

Pokémon eggs, how to hatch them and get more Pokémon

What happens if the game freezes while capturing a Pokémon?

It is something that happens quite frequently due to errors in the servers, we are capturing some Pokémon and the image freezes just after catching it. Don’t get nervous, generally, if we leave the freezing state for about two minutes, then we can close the application, open it again, and we can almost always observe how that Pokémon has been properly captured. However, things don’t always go well, so don’t despair, almost anything can happen.

The best accessories for your iPhone

Are you looking for a new case for your iPhone? An accessory for the Apple Watch? Maybe a Bluetooth speaker? Do not miss these offers on accessories and get the most out of Apple’s mobile: