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The pear on the life of Steve Jobs opens this Saturday


The opera based on the life of former Apple CEO and co-founder of the company, Steve Jobs, is about to be released in Santa Fe (New Mexico) this Saturday. The work is called The (R) evolution of Steve Jobs and its world premiere will be on July 22 at 20:30, on the summer stage of the Santa Fe opera. Therefore, the work will be performed outdoors.

The opera had been in development since 2015. It was created by electronic music DJ Mason Bates with librettist Mark Campbell. The play tells the story of Steve Jobs and his struggle to balance life, family and work. In addition, the performance is accompanied live by an orchestra, a guitarist and natural sounds, which are complemented by electronic music and Apple's own sound devices.

Bates described one of the scenes for ABC News in a interview last week, highlighting the moment in which Steve Jobs presents the first iPhone before being defeated by the disease. At this time of Mason Bates' opera, ‘The (R) Evolution of Steve Jobs’, a heartbreaking sound emerges from the orchestra pit, a descending crushing progression described in the score as an ‘electronic cut.’

“It's a combination of a stand-alone synthesizer with the real sound on the old Mac of hard drives when shutting down and one in the opposite direction the start ”, explained Bates in an interview last week at the Opera Palace in Santa Fe, where his work will finally see the light and will be released before the public next Saturday.

"That moment is when he realizes his mortality, so he wanted to have that kind of sound accompanying him, as if off," Bates said. “Even if you can't recognize the sound, this add some authenticity since the individual, who is the subject of this opera, is the creator of some of the devices we are listening to at that time. ”

The opera, which has an approximate duration of an hour and a half, begins with a prologue in the garage of the Steve Jobs family house in Los Altos, California, with the father of the protagonist, Paul Jobs, giving your child a workbench. From there, it jumps until 2007, where Jobs presents the first iPhone and then moves back in time and then back forward between 2007 and the first years of Jobs in full development of Apple. Campbell and Bates, who say that the opera is not intended to vilify or glorify the figure of Steve Jobs, have directed the work by a timeline detached from the chronological that has been imposed by emotion and memory on the figure of the genius who created Apple. The story has, in addition to the indispensable figure of Steve Jobs, with several secondary characters such as Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, Laurene Powell Jobs, and Chrisann Brennan, with each character highlighted through a unique series of sounds.

The (R) evolution of Steve Jobs It has been financially backed by opera companies in San Francisco and Seattle, ensuring in return a representation in the future of this avant-garde opera in California and Washington. Since his death in 2011, the life of Steve Jobs has been object of innumerable books, films and documentaries, including one directed by Danny Boyle, who wrote Aaron Sorkin. This film, which premiered in 2015 was a great success at the film box office. Since the death, the figure of the co-founder of the most important technology company in history, along with Microsoft, has been the target of multiple forms of economic exploitation. The future will tell the result of this new opera, but what is certain is that it will not be the last work based on the life of Jobs.

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