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The next iPhones may have support for the Apple Pencil

The next iPhones may have support for the Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil has been a success for Apple, we all remember the words of Steve Jobs criticizing the digital pencils at the launch of the first iPhone, but the truth is that providing the iPad Pro with an interface like the Apple Pencil has been a success and has led the iPad Pro to Be the favorite digital tablet of many designers. Apple knows the potential of the Apple Pencil, proof of this has been the launch of the second generation of the Apple Pencil, an even more precise stylus with new features.

What is the future? Personally I would dare to say that the Apple Pencil it will become one more of Apple's product line, ceasing to be that accessory for the iPad Pro. With the new macOS Catalina will arrive at the Mac thanks to the Sidecar that will allow us to use the iPad as a second screen, and yes, everything seems to point to iPhones will be the next devices compatible with the Apple Pencil. After the jump we tell you all about the arrival of the Apple Pencil to the iPhone.

The guys from Business Insider due to a report from the Citi consultancy. The next iPhones that are launched in September, the 2019 iPhones, will have support for stylus, a stylus that would obviously be the Apple Pencil.

Citi included “Pen / stylus stand for iPhone” in the list of features you expect to see on iPhones 2019 from Apple. The Apple Pencil was introduced in 2015 along with the first generation iPad Pro, and the company currently sells two versions of it. A model is compatible with its newer iPad Pro models, and an earlier edition also works with other tablets such as the new iPad Air and iPad mini and the sixth generation iPad.

Y I don't think they release another new version of the Apple Pencil this year (a smaller one could be although I doubt it), iPhones would use one of the two versions of Apple Pencil available in the market. Something that can be very useful if we already have an Apple Pencil with our iPad Pro, the possibility of using that Apple Pencil at certain times in our iPhone. We will see what happens next September.

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