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The new MacBook 12 "is between 5% and 18% faster

MacBook de 12 pulgadas

12-inch MacBook

As you know, Apple renewed with premeditation and its 12-inch MacBook, something that many expected, although it must be said that we thought it would be something slightly newer. However, the first units that users bought have already begun to arrive at the houses of the owners and by the hand of the first deliveries, the first benchmarks can not be missing those performance analyzes that we usually see lately to each new device either Apple or other brands as long as they are pointers, a method to compare the raw power of a new device with the previous one. In the benchmarks that are showing the new MacBooks 12 ″ we find a power up to 18% higher with the new range of processors.

According to the analysis, Intel Skylake M processor chips, with only 1.1 GHz clock speed, we see that it shows between 5% and 10% lighter than the MacBook 12 ″ released in 2015, relatively recently, but We already know that Apple usually renews its laptops slightly every year or year and a half. In the case of the Skylake M5 we find scores from 2,497 to 4,994 of the new model, that is, 18% more powerful than its equivalent in the previous edition, which had a clock speed exactly the same in 2015, of 1.2 GHz, but that seems not to perform as well as it seems.

Intel is doing a good job with the Skylake and Apple has recognized it. Finally, in the case of the Intel Core M7 we find a score of 3001 in last year's model, while in this year's model it reaches 6707, 17% faster than the previous model. We do not know whether or not to justify your purchase, but prices have not been altered and also now have a Rose Gold model, little more can be asked for a device that lacks fans and is the lightest in the market.

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