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The latest iOS vulnerability affects the reading of QR codes from the camera

The latest iOS vulnerability affects the reading of QR codes from the camera

QR codes have almost always been there, but they have never become something we need to live day to day. But nevertheless, Apple integrated a QR code reader with the launch of iOS 11, so that if we have this option activated within the camera options, when we bring our iPhone closer to a QR code it will allow us to visit the web address to which it directs.

iOS 11 seems to have become one of the versions of Apple's mobile device operating systems with more bugs numbers and as proof of this, today we talk about another bug, this time related to the QR code reader integrated in the iPhone camera. It's bug can redirect users to malicious websites without their knowledge.

When we use the QR code reader on the iPhone with iOS 11, at the top of the screen, the URL of the address found in the QR code is displayed and to visit it we only have to click on it so that the Safari browser with the web address is opened, but as Infosec has detected, we may not be visiting the web page whose theory is shown in the code.

You can do the test yourself with the code that I leave just above these lines. If you use the fingerprint code reader that integrates in Chrome browser, the address you detect will fail, while if we do it with the iPhone camera application, it will redirect us to another website, included in the link and exploiting this vulnerability and iOS 11.

Apple was informed on December 23 of this ruling, giving a margin of 3 months to solve this problem, an unwritten margin that is usually respected by security companies that detect failures. But seeing how the three months have passed and Apple has not done anything about it, the company has made public this bug, which I detect in iOS 11.2.1 and that today in both iOS 11.2.6 and the last beta of iOS 11.3 is still present. While Apple solves this bug and if you regularly use the QR code reader built into the camera, I recommend that you look closely at the address shown by the banner when it detects the code and the web that opens later. Or, if you want to be calm, make use of Chrome, while Apple solves the nth bug of iOS 11.

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