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The iris scanner will be closer to the iPhone 8

The iris scanner will be closer to the iPhone 8

Concepts with flat designs, transparent screens, concepts with impossible designs and a series of rumors about the next iPhone 8 or iPhone X “tenth anniversary” are the order of the day. But there are also other types of rumors about features of this next iPhone that if they would have more options to be integrated into the Apple star device, the iris scanner, for example.

It should be noted in this regard that Apple would not be the first company to implement the iris scanner on a smartphone, but we are clear that if it does it may be the step that this technology lacks to be permanently implemented in all smartphones. I clearly remember what happened with the implantation of the fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 5s, nor was it the first company to add the sensor, but when it did, it did really well.

This new iPhone 8 or tenth anniversary, could add a good handful of new features compared to current models and all media have this very present, that is why we have rumors of all kinds, about design and functions. In this case DigiTimes is responsible for launching this rumor about the iris scanner, OLED screen and wireless charging among other novelties.

With this scanner users could unlock the iPhone easily and safely. In principle the filtration speaks of the company Taiwan Xintec, a subsidiary of the manufacturer TSMC, to begin this year with the manufacture of these eye recognition chips. Hopefully all these rumors "settle" with the passing of the days to be clear about everything but there is still a lot left for its official presentation, although it is true that this scanner has long been around rumors being possible that in the end it ends Arriving at the new iPhone. Will it finally be on this tenth anniversary iPhone?

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