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The iPad turns 7 years, we review the history of the Apple tablet

The iPad turns 7 years, we review the history of the Apple tablet

On January 27, 2010, Stebe Jobs, with a health that had little to do with what would accompany him in his last years of life, enjoyed presenting the iPad to the world. A project that according to the leaks had started even before the iPhone, and that was intended to completely modify the way we consumed multimedia content and enjoyed applications at home and work. A multinational tool that few understand until they have one, and that is that the iPad is our perfect companion to navigate at home, retouch photographs or accompany our notes in class. Let's take a walk through the history of the iPad, one of the best devices that Apple ever created, and Steve Jobs would certainly be proud of.

January 27, 2017, the first iPad arrives

It was fantastic, just because it was a giant iPhone. The screens of the mobiles of the time did not invite to consume too much content at home, much less audiovisual, a fact that would change over time, but that does not come to mind. They were 9.7 inches of power, with a 1024 x 768 panel, a resolution that would leave anyone open at the time.

The weight, another aspect that has changed over time, nothing less than 680 grams, little less than what some Mac devices available on the market today weigh.

The growth until the arrival of the Air range

A year later, Apple renewed the iPad range with the iPad 2, and would do the same with the iPad 3, along the way it gained in camera quality, RAM (from 256 MB to 1GB) and even in resolution. The iPad 3 would adopt the so-called "retina resolution", 2048 x 1536, offering 264 PPI. However, this iPad 3 was not without controversy, something was wrong with the device, something that was never known, so much so that Apple removed it from the market in just eight months.

On November 2, 2012 the iPad 4 arrives, nobody knew why, and is that the changes at the power level seemed minimal, beyond a processor that offered 1.4 GHz, contrary to the 1 GHz offered by the iPad 3 and that seemed to have evoked it to exile, the screen required too much power and the iPad constantly failed. However, this iPad 4 was the last of the general numerical range of iPad devices.

Meanwhile, he had lost about 30 grams of weight, and almost half its thickness. However, what really made people love the iPad, despite its almost € 500 price, was the operating system. iOS was stable, and even though the competition tried, Android never finished curdling as far as tablets are concerned.

The Pro range arrives, an iPad to create content

A year later, in November 2013, came the first of a range that would begin to make users fall in love. The iPad Air, a laptop thinner than a traditional pencil, with spectacular stereo audio capabilities, a spectacular processor and many features that made it attractive. However, the first of the Air range is one of the worst aged, having a 1GB of RAM could affect its performance. But Apple was able to renew it soon, in October of 2014 came the iPad Air 2, incorporating not only 2 GB of RAM that would make it fly, but also Apple's latest technologies in terms of anti-reflective screen, TouchID technology and a metal body Precise and beautiful. In addition, the latest color was also added to the range, gold. As if that were not enough, it became the cheapest iPad to go on sale.

Meanwhile, Apple offered a range of small iPad, the iPad Mini, which despite its power, never quite convinced users for its 7 inches, especially after the launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus with 4.7 and 5.5 inches screens respectively.

We finish with the current, the iPad Pro range. They arrived in September 2015, presenting a 12.9-inch device and all the power that contained an iPhone 6s. In this way, new accessories emerged such as an ultralight keyboard and a stylus, the Apple Pencil. In this way, the iPad definitely became a machine to create content, which in 2016 would welcome the iPad Pro 9.7, the last of these big guys, also offering some technical characteristics of infarction, making it by far the best tablet in the market for power and features, and closing the range of colors in gold, black, silver and pink.

Hopefully you had a good enough time on this lap that we have taken for the iPad, a device that you don't know what you might like, until you buy it. And even though the tablet market is falling, the iPad remains among the public's favorites for all these reasons.

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