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The Indian government buys the technology used to hack iPhone


India wants to get fully into the business of “unlocks”

This year, differences between Apple and government authorities, specifically the FBI, worsened when this institution secured a court order that forced Apple to unlock the iPhone of the San Bernardino terrorist. The company, with Tim Cook in the lead, flatly refused, arguing that it could not create a tool that violated its own security systems because it could end up falling into less suitable hands. Along with this, Tim Cook said that user privacy was ahead, and he did not hesitate to describe this right to privacy as a “fundamental human right.”

Thus, the FBI needed a third actor who was able to unlock an iPhone, this iPhone of the alleged terrorist, and that’s how he ended up collaborating with Cellebrite, a company located in Israel and dedicated to security.

As they point out from MacRumors, Cellebrite has worked with governments and agencies in law enforcement “worldwide”. The collaboration between the FBI and Cellebrite would have cost approximately one million dollars.

Why does India want this unlock technology?

Now it is the government of India that wants to get hold of this system capable of unlocking an iPhone and, although the terms of this supposed purchase agreement between India and Cellebrite would not have been fixed yet, or at least they would not have occurred to know, an unidentified official who is part of the Indian Forensic Science Laboratory said that the government of India is expected to be done with this unlocking technology quite soon, about a month.

“We are likely to have the technology within a month or so. India will become a global center for cases where the police cannot enter the phones, ”said a senior FSL official. All officials spoke on condition of anonymity.

As the FSL official said, after the purchase of Cellebrite technology has been made, India intends to become the “global center” of all those similar cases at the beginning of this year between Apple and the FBI, since from that moment the Indian country will have the “complete tool” to open encrypted smartphones.

Although the sources have not given further details, the ultimate goal does not seem to be other than trading Well, according to these anonymous FSL sources, the requests they receive to unlock smartphones “will have a price.”

It is not clear how India can become a “global center” of smartphone unlocking as other countries and institutions may continue to seek the “collaboration” of the Cellebrite company.

The controversy will continue

Although the FBI finally found no relevant information on the iPhone 5c of the San Bernardino terrorist, the political and technological tension will continue in the future because according to James Comer, director of the FBI, encryption is a matter of vital importance in the fight against terrorism. In fact, the agency has already begun to study the “legal and technical options” for which it has to access the iPhone of the author of the stabs in shopping centers in Minnesota that occurred in mid-September.

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