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The government of India forces Apple to add a panic button on the iPhone from 2017


But it is also the government of India is trying to get a hand on the iPhone models that reach the Indian market next year. As reported by The Indian Express, from next year, all iPhone models that reach the country’s market they should include a panic button to be able to quickly call the emergency services and send the GPS coordinates from where the pulse was made. These measures are intended to protect the security of women in the country against violations.

The GPS system is available on the iPhone from the 3G model but apparently Apple could make various modifications to the software to be able to add a panic button in response to the country’s government’s request. But as the newspaper has published, the iPhone should offer a dedicated physical button for this purpose which would perhaps force the company to reprogram any of the two physical buttons (shutdown and start button) if it does not want to be forced to add a new physical button to the device in order to comply with the country’s legislation. Naturally, all country device manufacturers will be affected by this new law, not just the Cupertino-based firm.

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