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The conspiracy theories of China with Pokmon GO

Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO

This weekend Pokémon Go is now available in more than twenty European countries. To celebrate it, a group of hackers has dedicated themselves to carrying out DDoS attacks to knock down the company's servers, so that all weekend the game users have not been able to fully enjoy the Pokémon.

The happy Pokémon Go mania they are becoming a matter of state in China, where the authorities of the country, through different social networks of the country, are urging users not to play Pokémon GO. At the moment it is not officially available in the country, but it could be that it never came to be.

According to the Chinese authorities, which are surely behind social media posts, both Google as Nintendo wants to discover the different military bases that the government has spread throughout the country. “Do not play Pokémon GO !!!” we can read on the Weibo social network. "The United States and Japan want to know where our military bases are."

According to China, users could visit certain places that the American and Japanese governments have not had access to and that have been impossible to capture because they are military areas with restricted access. This "recommendation" is intended not only for civilian users but also for It is also intended for military users, so that they do not make use especially in the military zones of the government.

According to other Chinese government publications, "If a war between Japan / the United States and China will erupt, the missiles could be easily guided to military areas and destroyed to proceed with an invasion." Niantic is having many problems to be able to launch the application in China, but due to country requirements and restrictions, it is very likely that it will never become available.

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