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Take advantage of Black Friday and get this Qi 3.0 wireless charger for only 15, 99 euros

Take advantage of Black Friday and get this Qi 3.0 wireless charger for only 15, 99 euros

With the arrival of the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X, Apple has finally bothered, in implementing a wireless charging system, a wireless charging system like that of most devices that have been on the market for almost 3 years, so in this regard, the Cupertino boys they have not innovated to improve the system or perfect it As we were used to.

As soon as the new iPhone models were officially introduced for this year and next year, there were many users who started looking for wireless chargers compatible with the new iPhone models. Apple offers us two models of recognized firms through the Apple Store, but they may escape from the pocket of many users. Holife offers us a fast charging charger Qi 3.0 compatible with the new iPhone for only 15.99 during Black Friday.

The new iPhone models with chargers compatible with up to 5w, but when Apple launches the iOS 11.2 update, the power that we can use to charge our iPhone to 7.5w will be expanded, although it is not an incredible speed loading at least reduce the time we will need to load it. The Holife model we are talking about is compatible with up to 10w, so as Apple increases the power of iPhone charging we can continue using this model to charge it quickly, saving distances.

The Holife Quick Charger offers us a form of stand, so that we can place our iPhone, both horizontally and vertically and use it while charging, since the tray on which the device rests has two coils, one on top of the other that allow us to charge our devices in both positions while, for example, we enjoy our favorite series on Netflix, we update our devices, we make a backup, we make a video call…

This wireless charger is compatible with all Qi 2.0 wireless charging devices or higher, so we will also be able to use it to charge any other smartphone, even if it is not iPhone. When we place our iPhone on the charger, the light will turn green located on the base shelf, indicating that the loading process has begun. When no device is present, the lower light will turn blue.

The bottom surface on which we rest the iPhone It is non-slip, just like the base surface, so that in case of any sudden movement of the table where it is located, it will not have an effect on the fact that both the base and the iPhone, if it is charging at that time, leave dismissed towards the ground. On the back of it we find the microUSB connection with which we will power the base that will in turn feed the iPhone.

The negative side of this charge, like most of those we can find at reasonable prices, is that The charger does not include the power adapter to connect it, so we are going to have to buy an additional one or look for one of the many that we surely have stored in a drawer.

Currently the price of this wireless charger on Amazon is 18.99 euros, but if we want to take advantage of Black Friday and save 3 euros, so that the final price remains at just 15.99 euros, we must enter the code BWB96HJQ when buying it. The offer is available until November 24.

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