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Spotify hacked. You have to change the password NOW

Spotify Hackeado

Spotify Hacked

If you use Spotify, the first thing you have to do as soon as possible is to enter your account. If you can enter, you have to change the password. According to several reports, Spotify has been attacked taking advantage of a security breach. The result: a Anonymous user published user data (such as usernames, passwords and all kinds of information provided to the service) in Pastebin. And what is worse, some users can no longer enter their account, something "logical" if we consider that the credentials have been made public.

These types of attacks can happen at any time and on any platform. The worst comes when we provide real data and this data is filtered on the network, something that has happened in this attack on the leading music service in Streaming market. Spotify said that "they have not been hacked", so the question is forced: Who has published the data on the network?

Spotify: "We haven't been hacked"

Some rumors say that the published information was obtained in a previous attack and not now, but TechCrunch has had access to some users whose comments seem to contradict Spotify's statements. Some of these users say they had no problems in the past as they are having them after knowing this news.

Who has been the attacker? It is not yet known, but Spotify users should not worry about how or when. What they have to do is change the password as soon as possible, and more so if their bank account is among the information they had provided. Of course, as an Apple-themed blog in which we are, it must be said that this attack benefits other streaming music services, such as Apple Music. If users had the feeling that Spotify is not safe, they would be forced to look for alternatives, something I don't see too likely. In any case, whether or not you hacked Spotify, change the password right now.

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