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Spigen continues to filter details of the new iPhone 2018

Spigen continues to filter details of the new iPhone 2018

It seems that the signature of covers Spigen is still determined to unveil what the new iPhone models will be like that the boys of Cupertino have to present to us this afternoon and in the official Instagram account they continue to hang various photos of the supposed new iPhone.

This company of accessories and mainly covers for mobile devices of all brands, has been involved in other years in the filtration of images of new models and is that as always they receive the measurements and details of the new models For the manufacture of its accessories days / weeks before the official presentations, this causes the leaks to flow just before they are presented.

In this case, thanks to Spigen's Instagram account

There are years when other brands filter some capture on their website days before the presentation or even some let this information escape through social networks. All this is quickly picked up by Apple media and followers who retwee and spread the rumor on the web like gunpowder. So we just have to Enter the Instagram account of this accessory firm to see the new iPhone models that Apple will surely present this afternoon.

You can also see that they show a model in black and another in gold, a color that we have also been seeing in rumors for some time and that will surely be official today. These types of leaks are usually good and therefore we can say that these will be the new models that Tim Cook and the rest of the Apple team have prepared to show today at 19:00.

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