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Sonos launches its white wireless subwoofer

Sonos launches its white wireless subwoofer

The Sonos brand offers us wireless speakers with its Play series, in black and white colors. However, until now, those who wanted to set up their sound environment with stunning bass could only add a black subwoofer to their speaker kit. Today, Sonos has made available to reserve new subwoofer units blank. Shipments will begin from October 25. Therefore, if you have a white speaker kit, you may now add a wireless subwoofer also in white.

To make the reservation of the product you just have to go to the Sonos website and click on the white option under the wireless subwoofer speaker model. The price of it, as with the black model is $ 699. With this high price, the customer gets a modern and clean design subwoofer, with two integrated Class D amplifiers. The frequency is always kept below the 25 Hz. In addition, thanks to its wireless nature, this subwoofer can be placed anywhere in the room, without worrying about whether or not the blissful cables will be seen.

Gradually, wireless technology becomes part of more and more devices that surround us on a day-to-day basis and that are integrated into domestic technology. Until now, the problem was not that there were no such products, but the high price at which they were and, therefore, the little supply that was available in the stores that were dedicated to it. Sonos, with its white subwoofer speaker, offers a product of guarantees, with a first-line design and with the possibility of integrating it into a complete speaker system that, without cables in between, allows us to enjoy a unique sound experience in the sofa of our house.

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