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Shumuri Slim Extra, the thinnest case for your iPhone



You buy the most beautiful iPhone and with the best materials to hide it behind a case that barely shows the front, this is the contradiction that most iPhone users face, or any current smartphone on the market. There is no doubt that the iPhone that spectacular simply as it is, and if we talk about the Jet Black model, or even the matte black model, much more. Shumuri thinks precisely of those users who want to protect their iPhone from aggressions but without giving up its thinness, not even its design, and offers us the thinnest covers for our smartphone.


The Shumuri Slim Extra case for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will just add 0.35mm (Yes, I have not been wrong) to the thickness of your device, and despite what it may seem it does so with a resistant material that will protect it from external aggressions that can scratch the surface. It also has the peculiarity that it covers the entire profile of the phone, without those usual cuts at the top and bottom that thin cases usually have. The holes for the buttons, connectors and speakers are perfectly calculated and the case is a real glove placed on your iPhone.


Obviously, whoever chooses this cover knows that this extreme thinness means little protection against falls. This is not the mission of Shumuri cases, which do not even protect the front glass because they do not protrude in the least from the metal structure of your iPhone. It will keep the phone from slipping, it will protect it from scratches when placed on hard surfaces or by carrying it in the bag with other elements that could damage its surface, but if you have the bad luck that it falls to the ground, the resistance will depend on the iPhone's own structure and how lucky you are.


All the details are taken care of to the maximum, and for example instead of having a large hole that includes the double lens of the camera and the flash of four LEDs the Shumuri covers they choose to cover each element individually, even covering the metal flange of the chamber. Of course, it is not a cover to walk placing and removing very frequently, because being so thin and being so extremely adjusted it can be damaged if you repeat that process many times, or at least that is the impression it gives when you do it.


The model you see in the photos is specifically the gray color, but it is also available in transparent, ideal for those who do not notice that you have a case on, and a solid black that looks spectacular with the matte black iPhone. They also exist for the iPhone 7 and for previous models. They can be purchased from the official website of the brand, and are priced at $ 19.99 plus shipping. More information and sales on this link.

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