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Save battery on your iPhone X by deactivating 'Press to activate'

Camera, OLED screen and Face ID is what users of the new iPhone X value most

iPhone X disable function press to activate

image: Digital Trends

The iPhone X brings many new features that in other models of the company are impossible to prove. Since the departure of iOS 10, Apple phone users had a new feature called ‘Lift to wake up’. This is that the iPhone screen – from the iPhone 6S – turns on every time we lift the terminal from a flat surface.

But nevertheless, with the arrival of the iPhone X another function was added: «Press to activate». Cupertino's latest smartphone model allows you to "wake up" the terminal screen by tapping on it – if I remember correctly, this function first appeared on some Nokia model. Now, with this function active, the ‘awakenings’ of the iPhone X may be more often than usual. Therefore, in addition to the annoyance of having the screen on every two by three, it is possible that the battery is also resentful in this regard. So let's teach you how to disable this feature. But, as you will surely be thinking, even if we deactivate this function we will have the other mode of activating the screen active without having to resort to the side button. We are talking about «Lift to activate». And we will also teach you to deactivate it.

press function to activate iPhone X

The first thing we have to do is, as always, go to the «Settings» icon of the iPhone X. Secondly we will click on the «General» option and among all the alternatives we will have to go to «Accessibility». There are multiple options there that you can enable or disable. In this case, what we are looking for is the one that refers to our main function «Press to activate». As you can see, the switch is activated. You just have to disable it.

Disable iPhone X function lift to activate

But as we have indicated, we will have the function of «Raise to activate». This function must be searched again in "Settings"; we look for the option "Screen and brightness" and inside the option "Lift to activate" will be activated. Once deactivated, the only way to "wake up" the screen of your iPhone X will be the precise moment that you want; that is, by pressing the side button of the chassis.

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