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Satechi M1, a mouse for your iPad and your Apple-style Mac

Satechi M1, a mouse for your iPad and your Apple-style Mac

Satechi remains true to its idea of ​​offering products with a simple but quality design, with aluminum as the protagonist, at the purest "Apple style" and also with very interesting prices. So he does it again with his new mouse Satechi M1, a perfect accessory for our Mac, and from iOS 13 for our iPad.

A good design, Premium materials, good finishes, Bluetooth connectivity, very small size but convenient to handle, and with a USB-C rechargeable battery. This is the summary of this new Satechi mouse that we will show you in more detail below.

Specifications and design

The entire body of the mouse is manufactured in its upper part of aluminum, with an anodized finish in several colors (silver gray, space gray, gold and pink) that blends perfectly with the colors of Apple devices. In the upper part only the two buttons break this aluminum body, with plastic material in black (in the case of space gray and gold) or white (in silver gray and pink models). The scroll wheel is also metallic with a toothed surface to be able to move it sim problems. A small LED in the middle of the buttons indicates the low battery or the charge of the device.

It has a weight of 177 grams, which makes it quite light. However, thanks to aluminum, the sensation of catching it is not to have a toy in your hand, it is a very solid product and it will apparently resist very intensive use. Its size and slightly curved design make it comfortable to use, much more comfortable than the Magic Mouse, too flat for almost everyone. Use Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, so you won't need any type of USB connector for your computer or iPad, will work with the fresh out of the box with a couple of very simple configuration steps. In the case of the iPad, the configuration is somewhat more complex, but it is explained in the video.

To use it with several devices, it has a small fault, and it lacks memories, so you will have to link it again every time you change your device. You lose just a few seconds in the configuration process, so it is not so serious either. It does not work with batteries, but with a rechargeable battery through the USB-C that has integrated in the front. Yes, it is possible to use the mouse while it is recharged with the cable connected, a cable that by the way can be the same one you use to recharge your MacBook or iPad Pro, something unthinkable not long ago.


The operation of this Satechi M1 mouse is as expected. The scroll is smooth and very easy to handle precisely thanks to the design of the wheel and the smoothness of its rotation. The buttons are large, comfortable to use and with the necessary hardness to avoid unintended clicks. The pointer glides smoothly across the screen, without appreciating any lag or jump. Satechi does not reveal its autonomy, we only know that when you have little left the LED that is hidden between the buttons will illuminate in red warning us. I have been with him for a couple of weeks and after the initial recharge I still have not low battery.

Editor's Opinion

With a simple and beautiful design, an aluminum body that gives it a fantastic touch, and a more than correct operation, we find no reason not to recommend this M1 mouse from Satechi to anyone looking for something simple, durable and reliable that you can use with your iPad Pro and iOS 13, or with your Mac, Windows, etc. The USB-C and Bluetooth connectivity make you forget extra cables or adapters, since you can charge it with the cable of your MacBook or iPad Pro, and if you run out of battery you can use it with the cable connected while recharging. Available in four colors that combine perfectly with your Apple or iPad laptops, are priced at € 34.99 at Amazon (link).

Satechi M1

  • Editor rating
  • 4.5 star rating

€ 34.99

  • Satechi M1
  • Review of:
  • Posted on:

  • Last modification: July 29, 2019


  • Top Design and Materials
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Good operation, without lag and with good touch of the buttons
  • Rechargeable battery via USB-C (cable included)


  • There is no memory for multiple devices

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