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Russia sues Telegram and could end up blocking

Russia sues Telegram and could end up blocking

Russia does not yield and Telegram either … Result, a lawsuit filed by the country's state communications control agency for block application usage. All this has a long history and comes after those responsible for the messaging application refused to give access to security services to review user messages.

Telegram is one of the few messaging applications that do not allow you to read encrypted messages from your users to third parties, so right now he is having problems with the country's authorities for the refusal to give them access.

The demand is already imposed

After several stretches and loosens between the two, the lawsuit has already been officially filed. The FSB federal security service of Russia says it needs access to these encrypted messages and before the refusal of Pavel Durov, CEO and founder of this application Cross-platform messaging has imposed this demand on them.

Durov himself explained to the media that the threats and constraints they were receiving will not help and they would not give their arm to twist in this case: "We will defend the freedom of expression and privacy of our users always". Therefore, although it is noted that they will block the app in the country, it does not seem that this has a simple solution and finally everything indicates that they will reach the courts. Last March Telegram managed to reach 200 million active users worldwide and most of them are in the former Soviet Union and the Middle East, although in Spain it is also one of the messaging applications that are most use, with the permission of WhatsApp, of course.

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