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Phone Upgrade Program now available in the Apple Store

Apple Upgrade Program

Apple Upgrade Program

As many of you will know, Apple launched a device update program for monthly payments while presenting the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s during September 2015. This program is intended for users who love to get devices through company financing. Now Apple allows you to purchase it free, paying a monthly fee, with the guarantee that after a year you can get the new device by delivering the previous one and paying the same fee. Something that caught the attention of users. Finally, the iPhone Upgrade Program has finally reached the Apple Store Online today and Apple expects to increase sales thanks to it.

We begin by saying that unfortunately this “renting” system is not yet available in the Apple Online Store in Spain and we have not proven that it works beyond the United States of America, where the program is already being effective online. With this program whose prices start at $ 32 Monthly for the 16GB model of the iPhone 6s, Apple intends to retain many customers who feel the need to change phones annually, and save them the weight of having to sell their previous device or walk thinking about the amount of money they must deliver . In this way you can always be up to date with regards to iPhone for a monthly fee.

Certainly offers nothing that phone companies don't offer anymore, with the guarantee that you will get Apple's technical service for two years in Europe (when it is launched) and that the devices will not be linked to companies or tariffs in the United States of America where it is very difficult to tie a company by a device, since unlike here, they still subsidize them. We are still waiting for this program to arrive in Spain to comment on prices and possibilities.

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