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My iPhone suddenly turns off even if it has a battery, what do I do?

iPhone sin batería

iPhone without battery

"My mobile suddenly turns off". Has this happened to you? Any operating system or electronic device is prone to at least suffer small problems that can cause us more than a shock. In addition, the fierce competition that all manufacturers have can be a cause for precipitation, both when creating new software and hardware. The iPhone is also not 100% free of problems, as a strange one that we can experience in what we see as the iPhone shuts down for no apparent reason.

When an iPhone turns off once and we don't know why, it may have been for anything. An isolated problem is no problem until it happens on more occasions or we have proof that it is happening to more users. If we know that many devices of the same family are suffering from the same problem, we already know that the brand, in this case Apple, has to publish a statement explaining how it intends to fix the problem and if this is due to a failure of hardware or software. But what if we are experiencing this type of failure alone? Logically, if our device is the only one that is suffering a problem, the fault is in our device. Arriving at this conclusion, we have to investigate whether the problem that affects us is hardware or software.

Causes why your iPhone can turn itself off

IPhone battery

That an iPhone goes off by itself is not normal, that must be clear. On the other hand, if this happens to us it may not be something serious.

Although we are talking about the iPhone in particular, the truth that all these tips can be applied to all those whose phone suddenly turns off:

  • It has run out of battery. It will seem silly, but it is not, especially if we are not looking at the iPhone for a long time. It would not be the first time that we are several hours without looking at a device and when we look again we do it to discover that the phone does not turn on. In these cases we can get scared, since an iPhone that has exhausted all its battery does not usually respond until it has received a little charge.
  • It has warmed. Another possibility is that it has taken a lot of temperature, has shown a warning and then has turned off. It is not very normal, but in summer it can be very hot and the iPhone is deactivated to protect its circuitry. This is something that I have seen when I went out with the bike and I had my iPhone inside its case, it has taken heat and I have seen the warning.
  • For some software failure. Nor is it usual, but it can happen. Sometimes, an error in iOS can cause the iPhone to restart, which causes us to see Apple's apple. In these cases, it is normal to return to the Springboard, but if the fault does not allow it, it is also possible that the device will turn off completely.
  • The battery is badly calibrated.. Which will take us to the next point.

Why does the iPhone turn off having a battery?

iPhone 6s

Sometimes it can also be turned off when everything seems fine. But if all is well, why does it go out? Logically, because not everything is as good as we thought. Sometimes, an operating system, to put it simply, does not communicate well with the hardware That composes the battery. If the software does not “understand” the information provided by the battery, it will understand that it has a certain percentage that it does not really have. For example, if the iPhone misunderstands that it has a 50% battery when it actually has 20%, when the iPhone software had to mark 30% the battery would actually be completely depleted, so logically will turn off If we realize that this is happening to us, we will have to calibrate the battery, what we will do as follows:

  1. We use the iPhone until it has no battery left, that is, until it turns off alone. If we get bored, we can always put a video without sound and turn it upside down.
  2. We leave it off without using it for 6 or 8 hours.
  3. Finally we connect it to the electricity grid and leave it charging for 6 or 8 more hours. During this time we can use it if we want, but always connected to the power grid.

If you have doubts about this or want to know the benefits of this practice, do not miss our tutorial to learn how to calibrate the iPhone battery.

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What to do if your iPhone suddenly turns off

IPhone charging cable

As we mentioned earlier, this is not normal, but it can be easily solved. If our iPhone suddenly turns off, we will do the following in order, to eliminate possibilities:

Plug our iPhone into the charger

If our iPhone has suddenly turned off, the first thing we will logically do is check if it had battery enough. We are likely to try to turn on the iPhone and not get started, but do not have to panic. Something that I have never liked but that is normal, when an iPhone drains all its battery will not respond until it receives a little energy. We can try to turn it on from the on / off button, force a restart or connect it to a power outlet, but it will not respond and we will think that the device is “dead”. But no. If we let it charge for a few minutes, it will soon turn on its own. That does not have a much more serious problem. I have even seen rare cases that I would not know how to explain in which nothing else has been switched on and has marked a 30% battery.