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MusicAll, all free streaming music on your iPhone

Musicall Black

Musicall Black

Many use the native YouTube application on the iPhone because Spotify for example does not allow us to freely pass songs and Apple Music has no free subscription. For all of them, MusicAll Black has arrived, an application with a Spanish label that will allow us to access an almost infinite catalog of music totally free, where, how and when we want. MusicAll Black has been called on Android as the perfect alternative to Spotify, its interface, functionality and catalog make it almost indispensable for those who do not want to invest in streaming music subscriptions.

The application is simply fantastic, it has been running on Android for several months and the criticisms that have garnered among the community have been fantastic, the catalog is almost endless and the interface accompanies a lot. All this has led to the decision to also bring the application to the iOS App Store so that iPhone users can get all the juice. It is currently in its first version, but will gradually improve.

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<p>The search engine is impeccable, this is <strong>what sets MusicAll Black apart from other similar apps really</strong>, it is very easy to find our favorite music, we do not realize that we are not browsing for kings of online music such as Spotify or Apple Music. It also includes the possibility of exploring new music thanks to its “discover” section as well as taking a look at the profiles of our friends to know at all times what they are listening to.</p>
<p>MusicAll offers you the best way to enjoy all music for free and without limits. Getting the music from YouTube we offer one of the best and complete applications that are in the market.</p>
<p>With MusicAll you have access to all YouTube music. You can listen to artists and albums or create your own playlists with your favorite songs. Main Features: Organize all your music into playlists, songs, albums or artists.</p>
<p>The "Discover" section offers you the latest hits with a short preview so you can listen to a fragment. In the "Explore" section you can search for music by genres and find what you're looking for first. If you are clear about what you want, use the option of "Search" to quickly find songs, artists, albums or playlists.</p>
<p>The basis of MusicAll Black is YouTube, which is why the catalog is almost infinite. The application gives us only the sound of the songs, so the data consumption is negligible compared to official YouTube. In addition the work with the metadata is fantastic, they will put on the covers of the songs that we are listening as well as the correct information of the songs so that we do not notice at all that the information really comes from YouTube, it is a fully camouflaged musical client that works perfectly .</p>
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Like other customers, it has song tops and default lists For those moments when we don't have the slightest desire to make one ourselves. Or simply because we want to know what music is currently hitting hard in Spain. It includes a small advertising that is not annoying at all, a banner that appears when you start the application and that we will probably not see again because we will be listening to the music in the background, nothing intrusive and very easy to remove.

The application has not been developed solely by Héctor, it has been a team of four young people from Leon (national product) who have achieved that we can all listen to music unlimitedly and for free. In Android it is also possible to download the songs to have offline access to them. This function for iOS is expected in future versions, we can not be excessively demanding with the first version of the application, although it really moves exceptionally. Given the possible reprisals of the App Store censors, I recommend its prompt download. We already know how they are spent on the App Store with such peculiar applications.

MusicAll Black (AppStore Link)

MusicAll Black

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