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More rumors point to an iPhone 8 in 2017

More rumors point to an iPhone 8 in 2017


It seems that analysts are committed to Apple abandoning its traditional pattern of renewing its devices aesthetically every two years, and in 2017 we could see an iPhone 8 completely different from the iPhone 7 expected by the end of this year, 2016. According to the analyst of Barclays, Mark Moskowitz, Apple would launch a completely renewed iPhone in 2017, moving directly from iPhone 7 to iPhone 8, without an “s” model in between. OLED screen, wireless charging and the absence of a start button would be some of the main features of this new model that would captivate iPhone users again by relaunching device sales.

There are two types of iPhone buyers: those who go for the model without "s" and those who go for the model with "s". IPhones that have only the number are those that are completely different on the outside, but with minor hardware changes, however iPhones with the “s” seem identical on the outside but are the ones that really have the most hardware changes. Aesthetics or hardware? That is the question that many users have to answer, and there are those that renew every two years to get the iPhone "s" and those who renew every two years to simply change numbers. But this could change according to the rumors that are becoming stronger, because 2017, the year in which it would play an iPhone 7s, with the same design but a renewed hardware, Apple could directly go for an iPhone 8.

2016 is not expected to be a good year for the iPhone, not because it does not get spectacular sales figures, which will get them, but because it will not be able to grow again in sales in the absolutely outrageous way it has done in recent years. It will continue selling iPhones getting figures that more than one manufacturer already wanted for itself, but it will not grow as much as it has accustomed us in recent years. If this rumor is confirmed, the arrival of the iPhone 7 may not help much to alleviate this trend, since If the iPhone 8 will mean a design change as radical as it seems, the iPhone 7 could have only minor design changes. We will see what all these rumors are about, because analysts have accustomed us to everything except getting their forecasts right.

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