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Microsoft launches Hub Keyboard for iPhone


A few weeks ago we show you Microsoft’s intention to offer a circular keyboard to type on large screens with one hand, an idea that a priori seems excellent, but for now we do not know when it will arrive at the App Store. The one that has reached the market is a new project of the Garage of ideas of Microsoft in the form of keyboard. Hub Keyboard is at first glance a normal keyboard that allows us to type in the same way we do with the native iOS keyboard.

But unlike the native iOS keyboard, Hub Keyboard offers us quick access to documents we have created thanks to the different applications offered by the Microsoft guys and that are hidden stored in OneDrive or SharePoint. But in addition, it also allows us to quickly share the contacts that we have stored on our device, to be able to send them quickly to other people.

If we continually work with documents that we need to share or if we need to send phone numbers to other contacts, this keyboard is ideal, otherwise, the actual function of Hub Keyboard is null.

The application is no longer available in the App Store

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