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Kingston Bolt Duo, forget about capacity issues on your iPhone

Kingston Bolt Duo, forget about capacity issues on your iPhone

Although the capacity of smartphones has been increasing gradually and now we have the possibility of having devices with up to 1TB of storage, the iPhone since its inception has had the characteristic of not having the possibility of expanding its capacity which means that what you buy is what you have, without the possibility of rectification.

However, there are options that help you not suffer having to delete photos, videos or applications because your storage is full, and Kingston DataTraveler Bolt Duo is one of the most interesting options for the capacity it offers and its price. We have tried it and we tell you our impressions.

Small and sturdy

The appearance of this small memory for our iPhone is that of a conventional USB memory, but with two connections, a USB-A on one end and Lightning on the other. With its metallic body and small size you should not be afraid that the unit will break with use or when transporting it in any pocket. It also includes a rubber case that protects it and that with a ring you can always carry on your key ring with you. Its weight is ridiculous: 7.2 grams (14 grams with the cover).

Both when connecting to your iPhone and your computer it is a device that is well fixed, not like others that, especially when connected to the iPhone, give a feeling of “dancing” and that is reflected in inappropriate disconnections. You can take the Bolt memory connected to your iPhone while using it without any fear of disconnection. Personally, as a MacBook owner, I would have preferred them to opt for a USB-C, but it may still be too soon for these accessories to change to that connection.

A very simple and practical application

This accessory is accompanied by an iPhone and iPad application that can be downloaded from the App Store completely free of charge: Kingston Bolt. The manufacturer wanted to give us an easy-to-use app that has what we really need, without any other distractions, and has succeeded. Seeing the contents of the Bolt memory, transferring content or capturing photos and video directly in it, are the three options we have, and we do not need more.

Kingston Bolt (AppStore Link)

Kingston bolt

Kingston Digital, Inc.3

The file transfer speed is very good (USB 3.1 Gen1) and you can take photos and videos directly on the Bolt without problems, as well as transfer files from your computer quickly. I only see a defect in the app that can easily be fixed with an update that I hope will arrive soon: see the file names. The app offers us a tiled view that does not show us the names of the files, which is a problem when you have a lot of movies, and you don't know which one unless you hit the play.

Editor's Opinion

The Kingston DataTraveler Bolt Duo is an effective solution for those who have storage problems on their iPhone. You can transfer photos and videos or capture them directly to the Bolt unit, as well as store your movies so you don't have to take up space on your iPhone or iPad. If you bought an iPhone or iPad with low capacity and are tired of deleting photos and videos, this can be an excellent alternative. Bolt Duo is available in various capacities at different prices:

Kingston DataTraveler Bolt Duo

  • Editor rating
  • 4.5 star rating

€ 47 to € 100