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Juuk Vitero, the aluminum belt that Apple signed

Juuk Vitero, the aluminum belt that Apple signed

Collecting straps for the Apple Watch is inevitable for most Apple watch holders. The ease of changing the straps as well as the wide range of straps available in all types of materials, brands and colors, make it very simple that we can use the belt that we like the most or that best suits the tasks we are going to perform. However, when we talk about metal straps for the Apple Watch, the thing is very different.

If we have the steel model we can always opt for the official Apple belt or any more affordable copy of those we can find on Amazon and other online stores. But with aluminum there are very few options, since Apple does not offer us any official and manufacturers do not dare with this material. Juuk is one of the few brands that have different aluminum models that fit perfectly with the Apple Watch sporty and also have a quality that Apple itself would sign. We have tested the Juuk Vitero, the latest model that has launched, and we tell you our impressions.

Top materials

It is made of 6000 series Aluminum, with an anodizing of the highest quality that allows to achieve exactly the same color as that of the Apple Watch Series 2 space gray. This anodizing is done by complete pieces, so you will not find those parts without anodizing in the "hidden" areas that remain so unsightly and that are so common in cheaper gray metal straps. The space gray of the belt is only interrupted by the blue center line (available in more colors) that runs the entire length of the belt. In Juuk, the details have been fixed so much that the links are designed so that when the wrist is placed the curvature is perfect.

Maximum comfort

The different links of the belt have an aggressive and sportier shape than conventional belts and allow some mobility of the belt so that fits perfectly to the wrist, which joins the lightness of it (55gr) and achieve maximum comfort. No pinching or pulling undesirable hair with this strap. The hidden butterfly clasp is made of quality steel, and although with the strap on it is practically not noticeable, the two buttons protrude minimally for opening it. It is a detail that I already criticized of the previous model and that still does not convince me in this new one, but it is a small detail, perhaps a little obsessive on my part, that does not detract from the whole at all.

What they have achieved dramatically is the color of the strap. The previous model had a space gray that in certain situations was not exactly the same as the Apple Watch, but it was barely appreciated. However, seeing the color of this belt now it is evident that the color difference of the other is that This Juuk Vitero is exactly the same as the Apple Watch Series 2 Space Gray. Apple itself would not have achieved a tighter color if it launched its own aluminum strap. By the way, the strap brings the tool to shorten it yourself, and you don't have to be too handy to do it, so you won't need to go to the watchmaker to make it perfect.

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Editor's Opinion

Finding a quality metal strap for the Apple Watch is no simple task. Although they abound online, in most cases they are products with quality and finishes that leave much to be desired. Juuk offers us top quality belts that Apple itself could perfectly sign, but at a much more affordable price. . But if what you want is a strap that serves to enhance your Apple Watch and never get tired, they will not let you down. You can purchase this model (and other models and colors) on the Juuk website for $ 149, and they ship worldwide.

Juuk Vitero

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  • 4.5 star rating

€ $ 149

  • Juuk Vitero
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  • Premium Materials
  • Anodized identical to Apple Watch
  • Easy to adapt to the size of your wrist
  • Comfortable and light


  • High price
  • Non-anodized clasp

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