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It is no longer possible to downgrade iOS 12.3

Copy your data directly from your old iphone to the new one.

iOS 12.4

The boys of Cupertino just turned off the tap to the possibility of signing versions prior to iOS 12.4, this being the latest version currently available for iOS 12. If you have the firmware of iOS 12.3.1 or iOS 12.3.2 and still do not you had installed on one of your devices or you had it as a backup, You can now erase it.

And I say that you can erase it, because If Apple does not sign the copy of iOS that you install on your device, it will never be activated so you can never get to use your device. The reason for this movement by Apple is none other than protecting the security of the users of its platform.

Apple servers released iOS 12.4 on July 22, adding new features that we detail in another article. The most important change was not aesthetic, since it focused on Troubleshoot various security bugs that were recently detected through Google’s Poject Zero program, and that allowed to execute malicious code on the iPhone through an exploit of the Messages application.

Currently, Apple has already released the fourth beta of iOS 13, both for developers and users of the public beta, so we can say with almost certainty that iOS 12.4 will be the last update this iOS version will receive, unless new security flaws are detected such as those mentioned in the previous paragraph.

According to the latest official iOS adoption data, 87% of compatible devices, sold in the last 4 years, are running iOS 12 in one of the different versions that Apple has launched to the market since its arrival in the market last September.

If you are waiting for any movement related to the jailbreak in iOS 12.3, at the moment, everything seems to indicate that there is nothing about it, so if you were waiting to do it on your usual device, it is likely that you should upgrade your device to iOS 12.4 to fix the security flaws that Google found.

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