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Is Apple making mistakes that we already see present on Android?

Is Apple making mistakes that we already see present on Android?

Although all the flashes are undoubtedly taken by the iPhone X, the reality is that since September we are enjoying (if you can call it that) something else, we speak of course of iOS 11. The operating system of the bitten apple is still with us, continues to update and continues to dislike.

Looking back, it seems that Cupertino's company is trying to make the same mistakes as the competition. Thus begins an era of similarities never seen before since iOS is iOS and Android is Android. We have no choice but to make the critical look resurface … Is Apple making the same mistakes with iOS as Google with Android?

This time it seems that the problem goes far beyond those who do not have the latest Cupertino hardware. Users unhappy with iOS 11 are counted by thousands, and we find them present from iPhone 8 to iPhone 6. Obviously, the iPhone X is the device that develops more and better in an operating system that seems tailor-made. However, the detail of the lack of integration between devices was something never seen before in Apple. The more products of the Cupertino company own, the more they tend to increase their complaints about the irregular operation that iOS 11 is presenting.

From the problems of integration in Notes, through the wrong synchronization with the AirPods and the difficulties of AirDrop. iOS 11 is making users hate many features that have so far justified the acquisition of a complete Apple suite. Meanwhile, the public remains engaged in the hope of an update that ends up placating all these problems present in iOS 11, without commenting clearly on the very poor battery statistics it is leaving on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7. It seems that Apple has looked at future, there is no doubt about that, but you must never forget those who took you to where you are now. While we will continue waiting for that update that never comes … and what do you think?

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