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iPhone Xs Max will be the name of an iPhone with 6.5 inches of screen

iPhone Xs Max will be the name of an iPhone with 6.5 inches of screen

The countdown is already active, the final presentation of the new models of the Cupertino company is just around the corner, more specifically on September 12, and we invite you to enjoy the Keynote live with the whole team iPhone News to not miss anything. But now it's time to focus on another section, specifically what are the new releases planned, and According to rumors, everything indicates that the iPhone Xs Max will be the 6.5-inch differentiator model that Apple will launch with an OLED screen. A way to attract regular iPhone X users with a literally huge panel.

While the iPhone X currently has 5.85 inches, the way to differentiate it will be this new model "MAX", a term and a used by other companies such as Xiaomi. What has not been clear yet is how the new model of iPhone with LCD panel is going to be called that presumably will also be larger than the current iPhone X although presumably its price will be lower. What is evident is the fact that the Cupertino company will present three models of phones in total, however, we advise not to place high hopes on the “cheap” concept of the iPhone LCD.

This continues with a custom rooted from the iPhone 6 to offer two models of different sizes for the same generation of the iPhone from the iPhone 6, especially after saying goodbye to phones with Touch ID and conventional screen as expected. Meanwhile everything is conjecture waiting for September 12 when everything that is expected will come true, it is clear that the novelties at the design level will be negligible, but It seems that the rumors are the least consistent in recent years … will there be surprises?

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