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How to use YouTube as a background music player on the iPhone

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YouTube background playback on iPhone

Yes, have a subscription to Apple Music or Spotify is a guarantee that you can enjoy, at all times, a complete discography of your favorite artists. In addition, the lists that we believe can be heard anywhere, whether on mobile, tablet or computer. However, let's not forget that these services are not free: 9.99 euros per month. Although it is also true that you have 3 months of free trial in both services.

However, an alternative to all this would be to use the video service in streaming most popular in the world. Exactly, we are talking about YouTube. The service that belongs to Google has positioned itself as the undisputed leader in this regard and has more than one billion active users per day. Now, YouTube recently launched in some countries – not in Spain – YouTube Red, a service premium that would allow watching videos offline or listen to music in the background. But as we have commented, here in Spain it is impossible to use this new YouTube function, so we must find another solution. And here you have it.

Use the web browser to launch YouTube on the iPhone, but not all are worth

youtube iphone playback

As you know, iOS has its own YouTube application. It is the most comfortable way to enjoy the videos offered by the video service in streaming. However, once we started playing a video on the app and for whatever reason we leave it, playback and audio will stop automatically.

On the other hand, as you know, we can access YouTube from a browser. And this will be the first step. Yes, neither Safari nor Google Chrome for iOS will help us, but we must opt ​​for another alternative. And this is Dolphin. This browser will allow us to play YouTube audio in the background; that is, if we leave it, the audio will continue with its reproduction.

The valid option is called Dolphin


What you should do is enter from Dolphin Browser. Once inside, you look for the artist you like the most and give it to play. When you press the "Home" button and return to the iPhone or iPad home screen, you will check that the audio of the song will stop playing. Quiet, it's normal.

We invoke the control center, where the Music player widget does not wait with the title of the song that was playing on YouTube Through the browser. It's as easy as hitting the "Play" button and continue enjoying our music. Also remember that on YouTube it is possible to activate the option «automatic playback». So we will have our list of songs ready to be played one by one. Of course, in this case you must be identified with your Google account to be able to add songs.

In other browsers everything is normal until we reach the end

If you use a browser other than Dolphin Browser, you will verify that when you access the iPhone or iPad control center, the title of the video – song – that you were playing on YouTube in the music widget will be waiting for you. However, when you hit the play button, the song will disappear. And what will happen is that will play the first track you find in the "Music" app.

Dolphin Mobile Browser (AppStore Link)

Dolphin Mobile Browser