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How to use Live Listen with your headphones


hearing aid

The options offered by Apple for people with some type of visual or hearing impairment are innumerable, it is no coincidence that the iPhone and iPad are the favorite devices for these people, and that many manufacturers manufacture compatible devices precisely thinking of this type of users. An option not too well known is Live Listen, orna function that allows you to use the microphone of your iPhone to improve the sound that users receive with a compatible headset, made for iPhone (MFi). We explain how it works.

A common problem for people with hearing loss (deafness) who use a hearing aid is that in noisy environments, such as bars or cafes, they listen to all the sound around them and cannot focus on the conversation they have. It is a very uncomfortable situation that even causes them to end up removing their hearing aids so they can listen better, something that sounds contradictory but is real. With Live Listen and an MFi headset you can use your iPhone to improve the sound you receive. It is as simple as activating the option in the Accessibility menu and bringing the iPhone closer to your partner so that your microphone picks up the sound, just as the video shows.


You have all the details to access this function on the official Apple support page, which you can access from this link. Could this function reach the Apple AirPods? It could be an interesting novelty for Apple Bluetooth headphones that would help improve the conversations of many people who have specific problems and who would not have to face the purchase of an MFi headset. At the moment it is restricted to the Accessibility options, which is not small. If you are interested in this topic and want to see how to connect your hearing aid to the iPhone, as well as the brands and models compatible with the Apple smartphone, in this link you have all the necessary information.

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