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How to use and customize the Dock in watchOS 3.x

Dock de watchOS 3

WatchOS 3 Dock

When Apple introduced the Apple Watch he told us about the two physical buttons that the device has. On the one hand we had a Digital Crown we were going to use for most of the time, but on the other we had a side button that was initially used to access our contacts. This option was not a success, so in watchOS 3 was changed to add a Dock which allows us to quickly access the applications we use the most.

The idea of ​​the Apple Watch Dock is that it works in a similar way to what we have available in macOS: in it we will have our favorite applications fixed and we can see others that are running in the background or that we have recently opened. On the other hand, and what seems more interesting, what we will see will not be the icons of the applications, if not a real-time app thumbnail.

How to add, remove and move applications from the watchOS 3 Dock

If we have many applications installed on our Apple Watch, it is best that we learn to use and customize the Dock that is available since September in both generations of the apple clock. We can do this in two ways, one from the Apple Watch and another from the iPhone.

Manage Apple Watch Dock

Add apps to the Dock from the Apple Watch

  1. We open the application we want to add.
  2. Press the side button.
  3. Now we touch on Keep.

Set your position

  1. Press the side button.
  2. Click and hold on the thumbnail of the app we want to move.
  3. We move the thumbnail to the desired position.
  4. Let go

Remove apps from the Dock

  1. Press the side button.
  2. We slide the app thumbnail that we want to remove up.
  3. We touch on Delete.

How to do it from the iPhone

Although it is true that it can be done from the Apple Watch, I think it is better option to do it from the iPhone, as long as we have it close and take it out is not a problem, of course. To do it from the iPhone, just follow these steps:

Manage the Dock from the iPhone

  1. We open the Watch application.
  2. We enter the Dock section.
  3. We touch on Edit.
  4. Then we just have to move the apps to the desired position: the ones at the top are the ones that will appear and the ones at the bottom will be the ones that will not be in the Dock.
  5. Once added, removed and put in place, we can only play in Ok.

Personally, I don't really like the Apple Watch Dock feature that serves to have the most accessible apps, maybe because I don't have many applications installed. But what I find interesting is the function that allows me to see a thumbnail in real time, which serves me, for example, to view the weather forecast without having to enter the application. What are your favorite applications that you have in the watchOS 3 Dock?

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