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How to stop receiving spam on shared photos from iCloud and Calendar

How to stop receiving spam on shared photos from iCloud and Calendar

In recent weeks, iCloud users have been noticing a increase in the amount of spam that they receive Email accounts are always vulnerable to spam messages and the root of the problem may be due to a wide range of possibilities. This new type of spam, however, is related to the iCloud calendar and photo sharing features.

The problem of SPAM is one of the most pressing today in terms of personal communications. Apple is not characterized by poor control of spam, but in this case, what is basically happening in these cases is that an iCloud user will receive a request, either for a calendar event or to view and / or share an iCloud photo album. The problem with this type of spam is that, even if the user selects "reject", the spammer is automatically informed that the account is active and therefore Encourage to continue sending spam to the same. Therefore, if you receive an invitation to Calendar that is spam and we only get rid of it by clicking on the option “reject”, the problem will not disappear. It will happen rather the opposite; it will be likely to increase, because the spammer will know that the account is active. The same goes for invitations to share photos on iCloud. If we click on “reject” we will be opening the door to continue receiving more spam instead of getting rid of that sender forever. It is not the same with normal mail, where spam, either cleaning through a spam filter or in some specific action, the spammer has no way of knowing if the account is active or not.

The good news on this issue is that in the case of spam related to iCloud Calendar, can be stopped. However, spam related to iCloud shared photos … well, in this case there is not much to do; rather nothing. The Dutch web AppleTips discovered a solution that allows you to move a spam invitation to Calendar without actually accepting or declining. The steps detailed below must be performed and the spam invitation will be moved to a separate calendar and, from there, in that calendar, it can now be deleted. This way, the spam invitation can be deleted without having to press “reject” in the actual notification and cause the spammer to know that the account is active.

  1. Open the Calendar application
  2. Scroll down to the calendars, then press edit
  3. Add a calendar to the list using the same button
  4. Give it a name (Spam, for example) and press Done
  5. Double tap on ‘Done’, to return to the calendar
  6. Open spam invitation
  7. Tap at the bottom (the invitation above) in ‘Calendar’
  8. Select the newly created calendar
  9. Repeat this procedure for all invitations
  10. Now go back to the "Calendars"
  11. Touch the button next to the spam calendar
  12. Scroll down and press ‘Delete calendar’

For spam related to iCloud shared photos, the only thing that can be done against it is to disable the feature completely. This can be done in Settings> camera> Photos and then “Disable photo sharing in iCloud”.

It is not clear how this type of spam has become widespread, but there are many complaints from users about it, which despite rejecting spam emails continue to receive them. In addition, claims on this topic are also extended in social networks. The important thing is to keep in mind that most users here, probably, just press “reject” in the notification, thinking that doing so stops receiving spam emails when in fact it could even be increased.

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