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How to share your devices screen with other devices

How to share your devices screen with other devices

Who has not received a call from a friend or relative to solve a problem with their device? From how to download an app on the iPhone to how to format a Mac through how to change the wallpaper of your iPad. The truth is that so much iOS as macOS are designed so very intuitive, and rarely doubts arise if some time is upset with the operating systems.

But if it is true that some doubt may arise, why not. To do this, and not always depend on phone calls we will teach you how to share the screen of your iDevice or Mac with all the people you want to solve the problems in relation to the big apple devices.

The basics and rudimentary is sometimes the best: FaceTime

If you have two devices you can try to solve the problems of your friends through Facetime. In addition, as an added advantage, with one hand (or with a tripod) you can hold the iDevice with which you will call while with the other you can do everything necessary on the other device.

That's good because sometimes it is necessary to know how to do certain actions in which not only the screen intervenes as for example: put a device in DFU or open the multitasking of your iPad through multitouch gestures.

On the other hand, it has its drawbacks: if both the sender and the receiver do not have a good internet connection, the image will appear blurred and therefore, it will not be very effective transmission and, in short, you may not help your friend solve the problem he had.

QuickTime Player Logo

Share your iDevice screen with your Mac

Although it is not "real-time sharing", another of the most effective tools is to make use of Quicktime Player, the integrated macOS player created by Apple. The objective of this way is to be able to record the screen making the solution to a specific problem. And then there are two ways to send the image:

  • Live video: if we do not want to send the recorded video we can share the screen of our computer with the person in question through Skype or TeamViewer
  • Send video: On the other hand, if we want to share the screen to become a “consult later” we can record the screen and send it later in case on another occasion the person has doubts again with the same case

The steps to follow to share the screen through Quicktime are the following

  1. Open the player (compatible with macOS and Windows)

  1. Next, access the File menu and select the “New video recording” option

  1. When you see a window like the one you see above these lines, next to the red record button there is an arrow, click on it and with your iDevice connected via USB to your computer, select the name of your iDevice in the “Camera” menu

  1. When it is ready, a new screen will appear (narrower or wider, depending on the device and its orientation) in which the screen of your device will appear in a few seconds. If you want to record, you just have to press the red button and then, when finished, save the recording to your computer.

Stream your Mac's screen to another Mac

There is one more option. If your friend or family member has the problem or has any questions related to your Mac and you also have one, you are in luck. Why? Because Apple includes a tool called Share screen or Screen Sharing with which we can share the screen of our Mac.

The prerequisites for using this tool are: