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How to replay the effects of messages in iOS 10

Mensajes en iOS 10

Messages in iOS 10

The arrival of iOS 10 has meant a remodeling almost completely of the Messages application, a remodeling with which Apple seems to want to fully share with instant messaging applications, although while being used exclusively by users of OS X and iOS is a bit complicated. iOS 10 offers us a new way to communicate with the application messages, sent personalized stickers, making use of applications directly from the application, animating the images and text we send … This last option is the one that has attracted the attention of the users of iOS, as it allows us to customize the text by highlighting it to make it bigger, send it together with a handful of balloons, with confetti …

The problem is that once we received it Apple did not offer us the possibility of being able to play it again, at least until the arrival of iOS 10.1, the first major update of iOS 10 that also activated the portrait function in the new iPhone 7 Plus and that It allows you to take pictures with the background out of focus, offering a spectacular result.

Replay the effects of messages on the iPhone

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<p>First we must <strong>Check the version of iOS that we have installed on our device</strong>. This has to be iOS 10.1 or higher, since in previous versions the option to replay the animations was not available.</p>
<p>Once we have verified that we have an iOS version equal to or greater than 10.1, we go to the Messages application and go to the conversation that has animations and <strong>click on Repeat</strong>, located just below the text that was sent with an animation.</p>
<p><strong>What are your favorite effects of the new messages application in iOS 10? Do you use it often or after the initial boom have you stopped using it?</strong></p>
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