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How to reduce data consumption in the Instagram app

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Damn data! Spain is one of those countries where mobile data rates remain expensive. Although prices have dropped as virtual mobile operators (OMVs) have emerged and smartphones have expanded to the vast majority of the population, we must still be very careful if we do not want to run out of data to navigate before the end of the month If we add to this the excessive consumption that some apps do, in many cases due to their own nature, the disaster is served.

Instagram is one of these applications. It is a social network of photography and video based on showing us a Audiovisual content feed that evidently supposes and much higher data consumption than other applications. Luckily, there is an adjustment that allows us to reduce the cost we make of our data rate when we are not connected to a WiFi network.

We will save data with Instagram

If you are an Instagram user, you know perfectly how this app works on our iPhone (they have not yet deigned to have an optimized version for iPad 😡). When we open Instagram, what we are shown is the feed of new posts from the people, brands and others we follow. These updates can be images or videos and therefore, weighing more, mean more data consumption.

This is so, and at the moment you can not prevent the expenditure of data is higher on Instagram and other apps like that. Also, to further complicate the issue, in 2013, when the update for iOS 7 was released, Instagram eliminated the ability to disable automatic playback of the videos. We do not listen to the sound, unless we expressly request it, but the video is played from the feed and this further increases consumption.

Luckily, at some point I sincerely don't know, Instagram introduced an adjustment within its iPhone application that allows to reduce the consumption of mobile data. If you have a tight data package, we recommend activating this option, and we tell you how to do it below in order to stay within your data limit.

Reduce mobile data consumption by using Instagram on your iPhone

In order to reduce the consumption of data that Instagram does when used, you must follow the following steps:

It is not very clear what exactly this adjustment does, that is, how it manages to reduce the consumption of mobile data. According to Instagram, the activation of This option prevents videos from your feed from pre-loading when connected to a mobile data network in such a way that the videos and also the photos are loaded in a more lense way to how they would do it when this setting is deactivated.

By default, Instagram preloads videos so they start faster whenever possible. If you want to reduce the amount of cellular data used by the Instagram application, you can choose not to have Instagram preload videos through cellular connections. If you choose to use less data, videos may take longer to load with a cellular connection.

Choosing to use less data will not affect the way Instagram works when using Wi-Fi.

Preloading means that the app downloads the entire video even before we get to it so that, once we reach it, it is ready to be played. Thus, the result would be something similar to avoiding automatic reproduction, although it is not the same. But in In any case, we will save mobile data.

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