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How to limit advertising tracking on your iPhone and iPad


By deactivating this advertising tracking we do not lose the ads, there is no way to get rid of them because they are the source of income for many applications, the ads simply stop being directed, that is, to our interests. We show you how to disable it:

  • We turn to the native iPhone or iPad settings application
  • Once inside, we move to the section “Privacy
  • Inside we will find the “Limit tracking“, Which we must activate
  • Also just below is the possibility of “Reset advertising identifier…” if we press it, our advertising and tracking data will be deleted from any server (we reiterate that there is no personal information)

But this should not be everything, we can further refine all this by also deactivating location-based ads, so we will also gain in battery performance, and that is a nuisance. However, these iBeacons often allow us to enjoy deals at which stores.