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How to force the closure of Apple Watch applications in watchOS 3

Forzar el cierre de aplicaciones en watchOS

Force the closure of applications in watchOS

Although watchOS, the operating system used by the Apple Watch, has worked quite well since its arrival, we cannot deny that it is improving a lot over time. But, even so and as with any operating system, we may encounter a problem. What happens if there is an application that is behaving erratically? In this post we will show you the simple process to force the closure of applications in watchOS 3.

What could make us want to force the closure of applications in watchOS? Well, personally I have been suffering from a problem in which every time I install a new app on my Apple Watch and try to open it, it does not open normally, but takes so long that it becomes desperate. I'm not sure it keeps happening in watchOS 3.1, but so far I have had to install an application, open it on the Apple Watch, force its closure (yes, I am a “craving”) and, already on the second attempt, the application has started to work normally.

Forcing the closure of applications on the Apple Watch is very simple

In iOS and tvOS we have two ways to force the closure of applications, although we do not get exactly the same using both methods. On the one hand, we can press the start button twice, look for an application card and force its closure. But this only works if the application in question gives us problems in itself, that is, if it gives problems to run but does not harm the operating system. If it hurts the operating system, we can close it another way that in the Apple Watch would be the following:

  1. We open the rebel application, as long as we are not already in it.
  2. Press the standby button or side button until you see the options. We do not slide any of the three.
  3. Seeing the options, we press and hold the Digital Crown. The clock will return to the home screen and the rebel application will no longer give us problems.

As in the case that explained a newly installed app that did not want to open, To reopen an application that we have closed by force, we just have to touch its icon on the home screen. I think it would be nice to be able to close these applications from something in the Dock. Will we see this possibility in watchOS 4?

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