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How to convert a vinyl to MP3

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(dropcap size = small) Q (/ dropcap) that the vinyl or LP have resurfaced from beyond is something that is clear, the most nostalgic like that warm, imperfect sound, full of those little clicks or jumps. For the rest a turntable has become a decorative object in the most stylish houses of the moment, in fact the manufacturers have realized that and have put the best industrial designers to work to create the best designs.

For professionals "not the postureo of the night using USB" but the authentic professionals, LPs have always had their devotion, with a sound that can not be matched by the MP3 or any other type of compressed sound file.

According to the latest reports, this has meant that sales of LP records have increased year after year to 31%, increasing sales, reaching 6 million, as we can see in this graph.

With vinyl fever, many of them already come with codes that allow us to download them in MP3, to enjoy them on our iPhones or iPods, but what about those old records of our parents that we would like to have downloaded?

For that today we bring you a tutorial so that you learn to convert a vinyl to MP3.

Necessary equipment

Obviously it takes a couple of things to convert them.

  • The first thing would be a Turntable that had a USB input, like this one that we bring you from Amazon's example.
  • If on the contrary you already have a turntable and it does not have a USB input, do not worry, you will simply need to do two things: a 3.5 mm cable with RCA output and a USB sound card (In total you will spend about 20-25 on the two things).

Convert a Vinyl to MP3

  • Once all the parts in our equipment are connected (USB card and connected cables)
  • We will open the application Garage Band> ProjectVaco
  • Once this project is selected, we will select the microphone record using a microphone or online input, before giving it to create we will press the arrow that indicates My instrument is connected to: that as a general rule is in integrated microphone, except that we have detected our turntable with USB. If we do not have.
  • Once the arrow 2 is pressed, a screen will open to select the connected instrument, if the USB turntable has not been detected automatically, we will select it here, and if we have the cable connection and the USB sound card, we will select USB Microphone.
  • Once this is done we will create the project.
  • One last thing before you start recording, is to deactivate the metronome and the countdown, if we don't want to go crazy, since Apple has it set by default.
  • We have everything ready to start with the recording, the connected equipment and the created project.
  • We plug the turntable, put the needle in the disc and press the record button of our newly created project and we will see how our disc is being recorded.
  • Once we have recorded the disc or the face we want, we must separate the different songs, searching through the sound wave, selecting the cut and pressing Command + T
  • When we have separated all the songs, it is time to export them, that if always selecting the region of the first song and press Men> Share> Song to iTunes
  • We will write the metadata of the song to have it well structured and defined, and the type of sound quality we want.
  • It is very important that we have selected the box that says export only the area…. that is to say that it exports the separated songs and not the complete disc.
  • Click on share and it will be imported to iTunes.

It is a somewhat slow but necessary work to have our best discs converted into MP3.

To enjoy!!

Statistical Image: Statista