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How to add a duration to an Apple Watch training

Cmo activar el modo "no molestar automtico" mientras entrenamos

Information displayed in the Apple Watch training app

One of the options that we have available on Apple's smart watch for a while now is the option of adding a maximum duration to a workout. It's true that most of the people I know and the people I ask simply they activate the training when they start and deactivate at the moment of finishing it… This is something normal that even I do in training, but you can schedule a maximum time on them.

Activating and deactivating is a normal training called "Free" on the Apple Watch and is useful for any training we do. But this time we will see another of the training options that we have available within the app itself and that surely some of those present do not know, the duration in time of any training programmed by the user.

How can we add a maximum training time on the Apple Watch

Well, this option is very simple to carry out and can be activated directly from the Activity application of our watch. For this we go to the green icon with the “person running” to activate a training and once inside we look for our training. At this point we have to click on the three points we have on the upper right side (…) and then click on “Duration”.

At this point we find the maximum we have reached in this training and the possibility of marking a training time we want. In my case it marks 43 minutes but I could modify it up or down with the symbol of – and + that appear next to the time, once we reach this goal the clock tells us that we have finished our training and we can stop. In case of not stopping the clock it continues counting without problem so don't worry about it. Did you know this option for training on Apple Watch?

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