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How to activate Unicode emoticons on your iPhone and iPad


Once inside, we click on “Keyboards“, Which is also the first option of all, to press on“ add new keyboard”Which in this case is the last of the functions. We must navigate between keyboards, as we have said, it is a keyboard popularized in Japan, so, how could it be otherwise, we will slide through the innumerable amount of keyboards to the “Japanese“.

Instead of directly selecting Japanese, we will see that a new tab opens, unlike the basic languages. We are here with two versions of Japanese, the Kana and the Romaji, we must select the Romaji so that this hidden keyboard is discovered when we use the keyboard. So, we select the keyboard and add it to our usual list of keyboards, we can remove the Emoji keyboard if we want to change with a single touch of Castilian to “Romaji” and make it easier.